Royal Louis E.E.

Royal Louis E.E.


  • This is a magnificent museum quality model of the Royal Louis
  • It was 100% hand built plank on the frame by the master craftsmen
  • This model is made of mahogany and teak
  • Stripes of rosewood were added to increase its exotic value
  • Around her hull, you can see brass cannons, brass rails and fittings, a big brass figurehead in front of the bow, beautiful art works around the stern
  • On the deck, there are stairs connected different floors; a big wooden dinghy that comes with its own paddles, sky light panel, ship wheel, ship belletc
  • The details are just amazing
  • It takes hundreds of hours to build the hull and the riggings
  • The model comes with its original French flags and rest on a steady wooden base with attached metal name plate
  • This is an exclusive edition of the Royal Louis, where the model is uniquely identified by a laser cut hull serial number
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    Dimenssion: L: 37 W: 12 H: 36 Inches
    History: The Royal Louis, with 120 cannons and 1,200 crewmen, was the largest and most powerful tall ship of the French Navy in the late 1700s. Her captain was a Squadron Admiral. Able to shot 48-pound bronze cannonballs, the Royal Louis had unrivaled firepower. It was a huge vessel, dwarfing Dutch and English ships of similar power and intimidating all who crossed its path. Because of its superior size, the Royal Louis carried large amounts of supplies for the crew, enabling it to serve as a comfortable, well-stocked ship.

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    Weight 50 kg
    Dimensions 44 × 16 × 38 cm


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