Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll- Jewel Sparkles

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Doll- Jewel Sparkles


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Expect the unexpected when the Lalaloopsy Girls attend (L.A.L.A Prep), the Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts. They will take magical classes, share dorm rooms, secrets and lots of laughter. No matter what happens they will always be Stitched Together.Friends Forever!Hello! Its ME, Jewel Sparkles, and I was sewn from a real princess dress. Im super excited about the ball tonight! Ive been flipping through piles of magazines looking for just the RIGHT hairstyle to go with my newest tiara. I did see a very royal hairdo that would be perfectly PERFECT for the occasion “The Princess Poof!” If I can get my pet cat to hold my mirror, I might be able to pull it off. Features: Lalaloopsy Girls now have fancy, bendy hair for the big ballFun bendy hair for immersive hair play6 ways to style her hair- Cut, lengthen, color, glitter, style and accessorizeIncludes extra bendy hair, curling wand, barrettes and glitter!Collect them all!

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