Atlantic Yacht

Atlantic Yacht


  • Our Atlantic Yacht model is scratched built using plank on frame from cherry wood and coated with clear varnished
  • The shines on the hull is truly beautiful
  • Pure wooden ornaments such as: wooden life boats, wooden bunkers, main masts with fabric sails and detailed stitching, all rigging are matching colors, metal anchors, metal propeller, many golden metal rings around the hull of the yacht, and many more
  • We absolutely use no plastic parts, only high quality wood and metal
  • This model is completely hand built by skillful and creative master craftsmen; you will be amazed at how real it looks
  • Our Atlantic Yacht model was built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings
  • The masts are fold flat down for shipping and has instruction guide how to set it up
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    Dimenssion: L: 36.5 W: 6.5 H: 32.25 Inches
    History: The three-masted topsail schooner Atlantic was one of twelve vessels which competed for the 1905 Emperors Cup, a prize put up by Germanys Kaiser Wilhelm for a race between New York and the Lizard (the extreme tip of Cornwall). Atlantic won the cup by achieving a time of twelve days and four hours. In one 24-hour period she ran 348 nautical miles. She was taken up by the US Navy in both world wars and was eventually acquired by the US Coast Guard Academy. Although the Atlantic was built as a racing craft, she had a stateroom accommodation for seven people.

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    Weight 11 kg
    Dimensions 39 × 11 × 14 cm


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