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A brand new, original property from Electronic Arts' Bright Light Studio, Zubo redefines handheld role-playing battle games and is a perfect match for any kids seven and up. Within the world of Zubo players are treated to an irresistible and irreverent set of characters to befriend, skill based musical battles based on hilarious combat animations to master and an exquisite, colorful 3D world to explore.

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Wireless options:
DS multi-card play.
Pinky and human player in 'Zubo'
More than 50 different Zubos.
View larger.
RossWell putting the 'Mothership' battle move on an enemy in 'Zubo'
100+ comic battle moves.
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Human player and team of three Zubos in 'Zubo'
2-player multi-card support.
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Launched into the fully 3D world of Zubalon, players meet the colorful and zany stars of the game, the Zubos. The land of Zubalon is under siege by the evil Big Head and his army of Zubo clones, the dastardly Zombos. While traveling through the game in human form, players can befriend any Zubos they meet along the way, feeding and nurturing them, helping them gain skills and strength, assisting them in chasing off the evil Zombos and in the end persuading them to join your team in strategic battles with an innovative rhythm action mechanic.

Action in Zubo is turn-based, with your team of up to three Zubos facing off against an AI or human-controlled team in multiplayer, of three Zubos. Each Zubo on your team begins the game with a particular set of battle moves. Most of these can be learned by any Zubo, but each character also possesses a unique move that can only be used by that character, making the strategy of the makeup of your team important as the game progresses. Executing battle moves is where the rhythm aspects of Zubo come into play. As a player begins a move an outline appears around the active Zubo which moves in tandem with the in-game music. As this outline meets the Zubo's body the player taps out the rhythm with the stylus to execute the move. More powerful moves require more complex use of the stylus, increasing the difficulty of the game as times goes on. With over 100 fully animated comedy battle moves, 10 areas with Zubalon to explore, plus a wealth of interactions and mini-games, Zubo offers a deeply rewarding Nintendo DS experience. This stylus-tapping adventure promises hours of entertainment kids (and adults) are sure to love.

Meet the Zubos
Zubo features over 50 Zubos spread across the game's ten play worlds that players can interact with on all levels. Each of these has a personality and story all its own. Just a few of the Zubos player will meet are:

Rising Dragon from 'Zubo' Rising Dragon
Team Hero's kung fu king, Rising Dragon packs a punch and is always ready for action and has sworn to rid Zubalon of evil.
Alice from 'Zubo' Alice
Team Fairytale's party girl, Alice has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her favorite Zubo pet is Pink Rabbit.
Boltz from 'Zubo' Boltz
Team Horror's gentle giant, Boltz is always excited to make new friends, but watch out if he tries to hug you. He doesn't know his own strength.
Pinky from 'Zubo' Pinky
Team Pop's punk superstar, Pinky takes her guitar everywhere. Can you guess what her favorite color is?
Chip from 'Zubo' Chip
The youngest Zubo on Team Fairytale, Chip is warmhearted and sees the best in everyone (except Zombos). He's often found chasing butterflies in the East Woods.

Key Game Features:
  • Explore the 10 Worlds of Zubalon - Get lost in the multiple lands, including Wild West, Fairytale, Pop and Horror.
  • Befriend Over 50 Zany Characters - Create your dream team to battle the Big Head's army of Zubo clones- the evil Zombos.
  • Take the Zombos on in Style - Master the accessible strategy system and rhythm action mechanic across more than 100 hilarious animated battle moves and 10 custom composed team musical themes.
  • Engage in a Variety of Mini-games - Blow away cobwebs via the DS mic, play the drums, escape the Heart Maze, pop balloons, dig for treasure, Whack-A-Zombie, and much more in order to proceed to the next exciting level.
  • 2-player Multiplayer Support - Battle against a friend in ad hoc multiplayer action through DS multi-card play and earn experience points that transfer to your single player character.

Features : Challenge your friends as you put your team of Zubos to the test in ad hoc multiplayers through DS multi-card play. *Explore the 10 playable worlds of Zubalon including: Wild West, Fairytale, Pop and Horror. *Befriend Over 50 Zany characters as you create your dream team of Zubos to battle the Big Head's army of Zubo clones - the evil Zombos. *Take on the Zombos on in style via the accessible strategy and rhythm action systems in more than 100 animated battle moves and 10 custom musical themes. *Partake in mini-games like blow away cobwebs via the DS mic, playing drums, escaping the heart maze, balloon popping, dig for treasure, whack-a-zombie and much more.
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