Woodland Scenics TR3581 Classics Tree, Hedge Row 1-2 (1)

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Brand: Woodland Scenics
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Woodland Scenics Classic Ready-Made Trees are handcrafted with classic appeal and economically priced. Their finely detailed, hand-painted tree trunks represent a multitude of realistic shapes and branching forms. Woodland Scenics original patented foliage is applied by hand yielding a variety of natural foliage variances. In every detail, Woodland Scenics Classic Trees mirror nature?s contrast and highlights, reinforcing the trademark mixing and blending of Woodland Scenics Landscape System. Use combinations of types and sizes throughout your layout for superior realism. Trees have planting pin and optional detachable base for temporary placement. Hedge Rows offer stately boundaries that sakes its claim and calms the wind. Pictures are representative; actual trees will vary in size and shape. No two trees are alike within one package.
Features : Includes highly-detailed pieces. *Expertly designed by Woodland Scenics. *True to life detail. *Imaginative accents. *Brand new in original packaging.
Product weight : 2.5 pounds