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World's Largest Tweezers 12" Long Food Grade Forceps Flat Ended Gag Gift Novelty
Great for tweezing anything from sushi to giant nose hairs, these giant tweezers are so handy you'll..
Ventriloquist Dummy Finger Puppets - Set of 4
These are probably the creepiest finger puppets ever made! You get a set of four 2-1/2" (6.4 cm) sof..
The Cubes 2: Joe Mini-Figure Playset
Finally, the drudgery of corporate life has been captured in a play set for adults! Joe spends eight..
Tentacle Mustache Squid Novelty Disguise
Moustache Tentacle Moustache from the deep - scary octo-squidtash. Handy nose clip. A dapper acc..
Switchblade Spork Novelty Gag Portable Lunch Tool
This metal and plastic utensil snaps open with the push of a button to 11" long and also feature a s..
Slicey the Pig Dashboard Wiggler
Slicey the Pig just realized how delicious he is and now he wants to share himself with you! Taken f..
Set Of Ten Finger Hands Finger Puppets
Here's a crazy twist on the finger puppet-a hand puppet for your finger! Finger hands are the little..
Set of Five Rubber Finger Tentacle Puppets
Plain old fingers can get so boring. Mix it up with these tentacle fingers! Each tentacle fits snugl..
Set Of 5 Glow In The Dark Zombie Finger Puppets Halloween Zombies
Exposed brains, open wounds, missing limbs... Ahh, to be a zombie. Crafted from soft, floppy rubber,..
Set of 2 Rubber Finger Feet Mini Puppets Left & Right
Turn your finger into a leg with Finger Feet! These tiny tootsies are so irresistible you'll be temp..
Sardine Tin Puzzle
Don't hold the sardines! What a novel(ty) idea! Makes a great, wacky gift!This tin has the look and..
Pencil Eraser Hats,contain four assorted hats
These hat erasers will add a drop of dapper to any writing utensil. You'll get a set of four assorte..
Package of 144 Plastic Picnic Ants
Ants must live in groups to survive, so we packed over 100 ants for your pleasure. These half inch l..
Everything looks better with a mustache, right? This 26 1/2 inch wide magnetic stache is perfect for..
Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure Board Game
Join Mr. Bacon in his mouthwatering journey to the frying pan ! On your way you'll navigate through ..
Monster Finger Puppets - Collect all 8!
Sure you may have ugly hangnails, but your fingers have never been this ugly, or cute, or whatever. ..
Jinx Removing Spray
Make bad luck a thing of the past with Jinx Removing Spray! Each bottle of fragrant potion has been ..
J.P. Patches Ornament
Children's show host J.P. Patches, as played by Chris Wedes, ruled Seattle television from 1958 to 1..
Sold Individually. These little chickens are fun for stocking stuffers, mini-catapults, and general ..
Horrified Movie Victims Action Figures
4 Horrified Movie Victims, each measures approx. 3 1/2 inches tall. From the package: "This product ..