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Flexi Form - 6 Fruits
Flexi Form - 6 FruitsCollection of 6 different fruits (each one from 2 to 4 pieces) with the corresp..
Flexi Dino Lacing
Flexi Dino LacingHelp the dinos by stitching the parts of their bodies together! Join the parts of e..
Flexi Bugs
Flexi BugsThe colored animals need you! Bring them to life by screwing their bodies together. Join t..
First Senses: Rattle
First Senses: RattleFirst Senses: Rattle, a rattle with contrasting colors. Its design makes it easy..
First Senses: Pettinos
First Senses: PettinosFirst Senses: Pettinos, fun animals with visual patterns and soft textures to ..
First Senses: Cups
First Senses: CupsFirst Senses: Cups, with visually stimulating colors and patterns for handling and..
Family Diversity Blocks
Family Diversity BlocksFamily Diversity Blocks, a game with a wheel to build different kinds of fami..
Etni Asian Fastening Doll-Boy
Etni Asian Fastening Doll-BoyChildren will learn to fasten buttons, zippers, snaps, shoe laces, buck..
Emotions Detective
Emotions DetectiveEmotions detective, a detective game to talk about everyday conflicts. It helps wi..
EmoticapsulesEmoticapsules, capsules which represent basic emotions and which store pictures or obje..
EmotiblocksA set of characters with interchangeable pieces which enableĀ  children to freely create l..
EmoMoogyThis game will help children identify the emotions and disclose their feelings. They will fi..
Duos. Opposites
Duos. OppositesThis game will enable children to understand pairs of words which express basic oppos..
Dumper Truck
Dumper TruckArticulated vehicle, made of strong durable plastic. Featured:10x7x7New colorsSuitable f..
Diversity Hotel
Diversity HotelDiversity Hotel, a 2-player game of questions and answers to find out about different..
Cursor Teething
Cursor TeethingCursor Teething, a teether in the shape of an arrow cursor. It allows the child to pr..
Connecting Bears (108 Pieces) / Container
Connecting Bears (108 Pieces) / ContainerAn excellent game designed to boost attention, concentratio..
Buni (32 pieces)
Buni (32 pieces)Small plastic bunny and connector pieces are resilient and durable. Includes a teach..
Blocks Super 64 Pieces w/characters
Blocks Super 64 Pieces w/charactersLarge, tough and durable blocks include wheels to construct vehic..
Blocks Super 32 Pieces w/characters
Blocks Super 32 Pieces w/charactersLarge, tough and durable blocks include wheels to construct vehic..