Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of CuteBabyBuy is associated with the collection of information and practices followed by the domain. We are aware of the fact that visitors are much more concerned about information provided while creating an account or at any point of time.

We understand that you have abided by the terms of the privacy policy after accessing our portal. In case you disagree, you should abandon having a look at what we have showcased and leave the web page / site.

Time to time, we reserve the right to amend or reframe the policy post review. The updates in the Privacy Policy would be effective only after it’s posted online. In future, such revisions imply that you have acknowledged and accepted the terms.
Our in-house team gathers different types of information. This includes personal information as well as non-personal information.

Personal Information
Such type of information aids to identify the end user / browser. We may request information for activities like placing orders or availing services, creating an account, posting content across discussion forums, posting reviews about products and services, and applying to become a part of CuteBabyBuy. In case you make up your mind to get yourself involved with the Identification activity, then bits of information like full name, contact number, date of birth, and shipping address along with ZIP / PIN code. While you add products to your shopping cart and wish to make a purchase online, we may request you to offer credit card information. This includes expiration date and the number. We don’t intend to use such type of information for other purposes or for our advantage. While we may share the data with third parties, there might be possibility to share data with Authorised Third Party Service Providers. This enables service providers to deliver packages, provide aid for marketing activities, process online transactions, and better still deliver exceptional customer service.

While it’s mandatory to provide information for certain activities, you can voluntarily decide not to provide details. In case you are not willing to provide mandatory information, then you won’t be allowed to engage in that particular activity. The prime purpose of gathering personal information is to boost website operation, improve skills related to marketing and promoting products, and offer an experience better than the earlier ones. For instance, if you email our customer support team we may use the content / comments to let users know more about our products and services. If you are gifting someone, then the access to your information may be provided to the recipient. The portal may also use Personally Identifiable Information to come with a solution for issues, achieve administrative tasks, contact you in future, and work closely with law enforcement activities.

Post registration, you as a customer holds the ability to edit the Personally Identifiable Information whenever the need arises. You can do this by logging into your account. Any change in the information, should be informed promptly to the team.

Non-personal information Such type of information doesn’t help us to recognize the end user. This includes the link of the site before you have come across CuteBabyBuy, the URL of the site after leaving the marketplace, the IP address, and the web browser you had used. The main objective of collecting Non-Personally Identifiable Information is to analyze trends, manage the website, and work together with law enforcement agencies. Partners, Advertisers, and Affiliates may get the access to Non-Personally Identifiable Information after we have disclosed it from our end. Use of third party service providers helps to analyze Non-Personally Identifiable usage and statistical information. It might also be used for improving quality and smooth operations of the site. Please note that this information doesn’t help us to identify you in any way. It’s nothing but general summaries of the activities which are captured and owned by our team.

Data Tracking
Cookies are bits of information that’s stored on the hard drive through the web browser. These help to build an experience with the online portal. Cookies are used to save time while navigating the website, aid us to know you better, and track preferences to offer a customized experience. Besides, Third Party Advertising Companies may be used to advertise through digital content. You can modify the settings to rule out the features of cookies. Do bear in mind that if you decline cookies you may not be able to go through certain parts of the website. Web beacons and pixel tags among industry standard technologies may be used to track the web pages and promotions. We may permit Third Party Service Providers to use such graphic images. These generate a notice whenever you click web pages or click anywhere on emails. Pixel tags give us a way to gauge our performance through website traffic and behaviors of different users. Web beacons and pixel tags may be utilized at the same time for the same purpose.

Information Security
We take suitable measures to protect Personally Identifiable Information. We strongly recommend not to share the password with any of your acquaintances. Additionally, personal information may be retrieved by contractors and selected personnel. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt sensitive information and keep it safe as it’s transmitted to our team. We don’t guarantee the security of data transmission on the web. Hence, we can’t assure you with the protection of data, so information is entered at your own risk.

Other Privacy Issues
Children: We don’t capture information of children under 18. This is because these are considered as minors and can only go through the website along with the involvement of parents or guardians. None of the parts of the websites are developed to attract the attention of minors.
Public Areas: We may provide areas exclusively to post details about yourself, communicate or post feedback about products. Companies and other consumers may access such information which might get displayed on other websites or within pages of search results. Therefore, the data is visible, used as well as collected by others.

Feel free to drop an email to your customer service team, if you are not interested in receiving newsletters. You can also send the email if you wish to remove PII that you had transpired to us.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Our purpose here at has been and will continue to be, to create the perfect environment for you, We thank you for trusting us to do that for you. We are well aware that in this process you have granted us access to information about you and your online activity in our website, and we want to assure you that your personal data is safe with us and we are only using it to provide you with our service in the best manner possible. our Terms of Service that describes as transparent as possible with our customers.

We want our policies to reflect the spirit of that mission. We’ve clarified what type of personal data we collect and process about our users, what purposes we use it for and who we share that data with.

We’ve added an entire section about GDPR, explaining for how long we retain personal data about our users and also what rights our users have regarding their personal data. The new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will go into effect on May 25, 2018. By continuing to use our Service after this date, you automatically agree to these terms and policies. If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your data, please get in touch with us at

This update is a required legal notice. We have to alert you of these changes even though you may have unsubscribed from marketing or promotional emails in the past. Thank you for being part of our story so far. See you on our website.

If you have any questions/doubts pertaining to security of the site, then please contact the customer support team via the email address or contact number.