Baby’s First Steps | Child Walking & Safety

Baby’s First Steps | Child Walking & Safety

The baby’s first steps are what parents eagerly wait for. They wish to see their child crawl and lead the initial steps, holding their fingers. However, walking doesn’t occur instantly in babies, it takes place in stages which include :

  • Stage 1 Sitting independently (4 to 6 months old)
  • Stage 2 Crawling (6 to 8 months old)
  • Stage 3 Pulling up to stand (8 months old)
  • Stage 4 Walking with help (8 to 9 months old)
  • Stage 5 Cruising using furniture (9 to 12 months old)
  • Stage 6 Walking independently (11 and 13 months old)

The first steps of your little ones are monumental for them and to keep it a happy memory, here are a few ways to ensure child safety while they learn to walk:

  • Install gates & closures across stairways to protect your child from falling the steps.
  • Put child locks on doors and closets to insulate your baby from unsafe items and chemicals.
  • Avoid placing the furniture near windows to prevent your child from reaching to windowsills.
  • Set edge bumpers on the sharp corners of furniture to prevent any potential injury.
  • Install toilet locks to keep toilet lids closed as babies can lean and fall into toilets easily.
  • Cover electrical outlets with safety caps so that your child does not put their fingers in it.

This won’t be enough. You will have to stay near your child every time and supervise their activities closely while they are slowly learning to grow.

We would like to hear your baby’s first steps story. Write to us in comments.

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