Toyops Triops Hatchery

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Triops Hatchery is a great way to hatch, grow, and observe the behavior of an amazing creature that hasn\'t changed in a million years. Just fill your tank with water, add your gravel and eggs, and watch your Triops hatch and grow. Triops can grow up to 2 and 50 times the size of their eggs. Kit includes: * Hatchery Dish * Baby Food * Adult Food * Dish of Eggs * Pipette * Directions Ages 8 and up Triassic Triops are actual prehistoric creatures which are identical to their prehistoric kin. They survived the centuries during interrupted states of suspended animation or diapause\". This state of suspended animation enables the Triops to survive seasonal drought. Triassic Triops permits you to grow and study the behavior of an amazing creature that hasn\'t changed in a million years. Triops are crustaceans that can be traced back to the prehistoric times. These three-eyed creatures grow up to 3 inches in length in their 20-90 day life span, sometimes doubling in size in a single day! Triops are brightly colored due to hemoglobin in the blood and pigment in their connective tissue. Very resourceful, they obtain oxygen from the water through their feet and sometimes swim on their backs, sweeping food into their mouths using their many lets. These intriguing creatures make great pets as they are very interesting to observe. Triops: way cooler, bigger and more active than sea monkeys Sorry, Australian law prohibits shipping this product to Australia. \"
Features : Our Triops are always lab-raised to protect both kids and the environment *Hatches Triops 5 times using a disposable hatching dish complete with thermometer, 80 Triops eggs, egg measuring spoon, nutrients, and food *Make great pets *Teach about life cycles, marine biology, and more *For children ages 8+ *Use PETCO Beta Water sold in a ready to use bottle. Available at .com and pet superstores to assure the health of your Triops
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