Nutrient Agar Kit, Includes Nutrient Agar Dehydrated, 10 Sterile Petri Dishes with Lids & 10 Sterile Cotton Swabs

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Nutrient Agar Kit (Dehydrated). HIGHEST QUALITY LABORATORY GRADE INGREDIENTS AVAILABLE Nutrient Agar is a microbiological growth medium commonly used for the routine cultivation of non-fastidious bacteria. It is useful because it remains solid even at relatively high temperatures. Also, bacteria grown in nutrient agar grows on the surface, and is clearly visible as small colonies. Kit Includes: *8 grams Dehydrated Nutrient Agar *10, 100mm x 15mm Sterile Plastic (polystyrene) Petri Dishes with Lids *10 Sterile Cotton Swabs Each Kit will yield approximately 300ml of Nutrient Agar Solution which will yield 10-12, 100mm Petri Dishes. FORMULA: 21.7% Pancreatic Digest of Gelatin (Peptone G) 13% Beef Extract 65.2% Agar Agar SOLUTION INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Dissolve Nutrient Agar in 350ml of Distilled Water Step 2: Bring to a Boil & Stir Step 3: Filter Sterilize or Autoclave at 121 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes Step 4: Pour into Petri Dishes Step 5: Enjoy & Record your Experiments! Got a Question? Our staff Chemist would be happy to help! Just send us a note! Can't Find the Exact Agar Growth Media or kit you are Looking for? Let us know, perhaps we can help! FAQ: Q/ What is an autoclave and what is its purpose? A/ An autoclave is a device that heats the nutrient agar under pressure in order to sterilize it prior to inoculation. A household pressure cooker can be substituted for an autoclave provided it is capable of reaching 250 degrees Fahrenheit / 15 PSI. Note, many modern pressure cookers are not capable of reaching this temperature / pressure so make sure you check yours prior to using it as a autoclave. Q/ Is it absolutely necessary to sterilize the nutrient agar? A/ No. Sterilization is highly recommended but not required. Many would-be scientists have successful experiments without the use of an autoclave.
Features : Nutrient Agar Kit *Kit Includes Dry Ingredients Necessary to make 350ml of Solution *Kit Includes 10 100mm x 15mm Sterile Petri Dishes with Lids *Kit Includes 10 Sterile Cotton Swabs
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